Jewish heritage of Tangier

The visit is dedicated more or less to the Judeo-Moroccan cultural and historical heritage

This tour of the Jewish heritage of Tangier begins with the panoramic route through different districts of the city.
A walk along the main street, the French quarter where the Synagogue::shaar Rafael is located, then the Spanish and American quarters until you arrive at an exclusive area with seven palaces in the former British colony
We continue our walk to Cape Spartel, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean meet and the point of separation of Africa and Europe by the giant Hercules according to Greek methodology, then a camel ride (optional)
After we come back to the most exciting part;; the medina for a cultural visit which begins with a visit to the colorful markets (vegetable, fruit, spice, meat and fish market)
Then we walk through the narrow streets of the medina to the Jewish section where the synagogues are, Assayag, Rebbi Aquiba, Moshe Nahon, then we will go to the Jewish cemetery (beit hahayim)
End of the visit with the American legation and the famous square of Petit Socco





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Jewish Heritage Tour



The visit focuses on exploring the cultural and historical heritage of Judeo-Moroccan roots. This comprehensive tour of Tangier’s Jewish heritage begins with a panoramic route, traversing different districts of the city. As we stroll along the main street, we encounter the Synagogue of Shaar Rafael in the French quarter, followed by the Spanish and American quarters, leading to an exclusive area with seven palaces from the former British colony. Continuing our journey, we reach Cape Spartel, where the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean meet, and witness the remarkable separation point of Africa and Europe, symbolized by the colossal Hercules (camel ride optional).

Returning to the vibrant heart of the city, the medina awaits us for an immersive cultural experience. Our exploration commences with a visit to the vibrant markets, offering an array of colorful produce such as vegetables, fruits, spices, meats, and fish. Walking through the medina’s labyrinthine streets, we reach the Jewish section, where significant synagogues such as Assayag, Rebbi Aquiba, and Moshe Nahon reside. Our journey concludes with a visit to the Jewish cemetery, known as Beit Hahayim, and a stop at the renowned American Legation and Petit Socco square.


History of Jews in Morocco:

The Jewish heritage in Tangier holds a profound history, enriched by the influx of refugees seeking refuge from the persecutions endured by Jews throughout different periods. Jewish presence in Morocco dates back to the 2nd century BC, notably seen in Volubilis during the Roman era, persisting until the 7th century AD. Over time, the Jewish population in Morocco witnessed demographic and political fluctuations, further bolstered by the arrival of Jewish migrants from the Iberian Peninsula, compelled to leave Spain and Portugal during the Reconquista. Although the Moroccan Jewish community once numbered in the hundreds of thousands, it currently consists of approximately 800 individuals. Nonetheless, the community maintains strong relations with the Kingdom of Morocco, as evidenced by the annual invitation extended to numerous rabbis and Jewish community leaders worldwide to partake in the Throne Day celebration on July 30th.