excursion in chefchaouen

Go for a full day in Chefchaouen, one of the most beautiful towns in the Rif Mountains. Known for its valleys, its medina and its white houses with blue doors, Chefchaouen has the charm of a city that has preserved traditional Moroccan arts.

full day in Chefchaouen

departing from Tangier, let yourself be driven to the heights of the Rif mountains, to Chefchaouen, a former Berber post now home to a superb fortified medina.
The main square represents the heart of Chefchaouen and features an 18th-century kasbah, a central mosque, and cafes with authentically Moroccan menus. The crowded market offers a mix of Moroccan utensils and souvenirs, with excellent bargains.
The city itself is easy to explore. The kasbah, built by Moulay Ismaïl, is now in ruins and next to it is the great mosque. Although the old medina is small, you will find many souks selling a wide variety of products.




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minimum of people 2


Tour Type

City Tours & Food Tour

A visit considered special because it consists of a cultural visit mixed with a gastronomic tour testing the different varieties of local products


Start with the scenic route through different parts of the city. A walk along Main Street, the French Quarter, then the Spanish Quarter, the American Quarter known as Little California. Then we continue our route through the former British colony, considered an exclusive area with seven palaces.
A photo stop at Cap Spartel, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean meet and the point of separation of Africa and Europe by the giant Hercules according to Greek methodology.
A walk along the beautiful Atlantic coast of Tangier for a camel ride( optionnel). Then back to the most exciting part of the circuit: the Kasbah and the medina for the Food tour ;

It is a gastronomic, food tour that is far from being a simple guided tour : a visit to several stopping points to taste the main local dishes that are part of the culinary culture of Morocco
We take you to the hidden and secret places of Tangier : the medina, old town where the streets are narrow, in the different parts of the colorful market : fish market, meat, vegetables, fruits, spices…ect
At the end of the visit you will have your traditional lunch in a typical restaurant